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Product Guide

  • SUPER LOUD Annoying BEEPING Alarm!! Will wake the soundest sleeper.
  • Snooze option for 10 minutes more sleep with each press of the button
  • Interface to Pandora Radio app to allow user to wake to favorite music! Plus 4 streaming radio options!

  • Video Alarm Clock for the bulldog lover!
  • Wake to a rampaging, barking bulldog!
  • Snoring option to provide up to an hours worth of soothing bulldog snoring to lull you to sleep! (genuine bulldog snoring!)
  • Interface to Pandora app to allow wake to music option
  • secure, fast encryption
  • multi user support
  • Crypto level password generator
  • Note feature allows detailed data to be stored with each entry

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  • Android app!
  • Lets the disabled communicate basic wants and desires
  • Customizable, add your own pictures and text to be spoken.

  • this app is for ADULT fun
  • can make a sailor blush!
  • Let it say what you can't! 
  • Insult your friends!




  • Low cost cycling computer
  • mapping/plotting and more!!
  • now with calories, pace, altitude, plus graphing

  • All purpose navigation app
  • user selectable auto pin spacing to mark course
  • manually place marker pins at any location!
  • add detailed notes to each marker pin
  • great for tourists! mark your hotel, your favorite restaurant, etc
  • fishermen - mark the location where you caught the big one!
  • runners, hikers, cyclists - plot your course on a map
  • metric or English measurements
  • large overlay display of speed, avg. speed, max speed, and distance 
  • pop up help display


MailSafe - NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

Protect your privacy!
Keep secrets secret!
Send email with confidence!
Avoid divorce! (or worse!)
Leave no incriminating 'love letters' lying around

MailSafe lets you send email only the intended recipient can read!

Don't email without it!!



YouTube video demo of SayWhat:


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